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How to use Auto Clicker?

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It's easy to use auto mouse clicker to assist game playing, or your daily work, or any mouse clicks.

First of all, download auto clicker software and try it for free.

  1. Click on button 'Add Robot' to add a auto clicker macro, which may contain one or multiple mouse clicks.
    auto clicker - add macro

  2. Specify the point to click.
    Tips: Easy way to specify the clicking point:
    when you are in Add Robot Window, move mouse to the target point and press a key on keyboard. That point will then be updated in Add Robot Window.
    Set "Click Interval" spin button to specify the time between two clicks. Smaller the value, faster the clicks will be. Auto Clicker - add clicks
    Specify whether it's a click (left mouse click), right mouse click, double click, click and hold, or release click.Auto Clicker - mouse click type

  3. Press "Add Click" to add the click to macro.
  4. Repeat step 1 to step 3 to add more mouse clicks.
  5. After all clicks been added to macro, specify robot name, start hotkey (keyboard shortcut to start the clicking), and macro be repeated.

    Auto Clicker - clicks repeated
    Macro (which include multiple clicks) can run x times, or run until end keyboard shortcut key is pressed.
  6. Save the macro to macro list.
    Auto Clicker Software
    Check the enable box, so that auto clicking will start when start hotkey (Ctrl + 1 as in this example) is pressed.
    When end hotkey (F11 as in the example) is pressed, auto clicking will be stopped.

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