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Introduction to Advanced Carving Technology

Advanced Carving technology enables data recovery software to recovers more files

Asoftech Photo Recovery and Asoftech Data Recovery are the only software to use Advanced Carving Technology to recover more files.

1. Recover from unallocated and raw format

When data recovery software scans the disk for file recoverable, most of them rely on files system structures, so if some space is unallocated, or raw format, those file recovery software will fail to recover the file. With Advanced Carving technology, data recovery does not rely on file system structures to do the file recovery.

Digital Forensics Research Workshop has issued a data recovery challenge where 50MB raw space contains JPEG, ZIP, HTML, Text, and Microsoft Office files and fragments. The goal is to extract as many full JPEG, ZIP, HTML, Text, and Office files as possible from it. Using this challenge as a test bed, Asoftech Data Recovery and Asoftech Photo Recovery recovers more data than other software.

2. Recover file with fragmentation

Most recovery software find files in sequential format, where they look for start and end block of the file, and then recover data in between. However, some file may be fragmented at many place on the disk. Most data recovery software will not be able to recover these fragmented files. Even some photo recovery software claim that they recovered the photo, but when user opens recovered photos, they are either half greyed, or not viewable.

With Advanced Carving technology, Asoftech Photo Recovery and Asoftech Data Recovery recover files block by block, so scanning will stop at the correct end, and then search from other disk location to recover remaining of the files.

3. Side by side comparison

Download Asoftech Photo Recovery - Free

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